5 Surprising Electric Forklift Applications in Washington State

by Hank Ansley, on January 8, 2021 at 10:53 AM

5 Surprising Electric Forklift Applications in Washington State

Electric forklifts are well-known for their use in warehouse settings. But their usefulness extends to some surprising applications beyond moving pallets of product. Electric forklifts’ energy efficiency and dependable performance make them important tools for many industries. Read on about surprising uses for electric forklifts in Washington State.

Negative Mast Lift for Marinas

Negative Mast Lift for Marinas
Image via Marina Dock Age

With its many bays and direct access to the Pacific, Washington has numerous docks and marinas. Those docks house many boats that need regular maintenance. That means drydocking, a sometimes complicated process. Enter marina forklifts. With a negative mast lift allowing the carriage to extend below the dock surface, these electric forklifts can lift and move boats with ease.

Electric Port Equipment

Kalmar Super Gloria Reach Stacker
Image via Kalmar Global

With seven ports in Puget Sound alone, intermodal logistics are a huge market for Washington State. All those shipping containers need to be moved quickly from boats to other means of transport. Electric port equipment, such as Kalmar’s Super Gloria Reach Stacker can get the job done dependably. These environmentally friendly workhorses can move hundreds of thousands of pounds in shipping containers day-in and day-out.

Extreme Temperatures in Foundries

High-heat forklift applications
Image via Toyota Forklift

Foundries and forging are some of the most unforgiving environments due to dust and extreme temperatures. Electric forklifts offer the carrying capacity and temperature resistant packages needed to handle these demands. Whether used in recycling applications or new forging the right electric forklift configuration can handle the demands.

Resisting Dust in Hay Production

Forklift Hay Production
Image via Toyota Forklift

In 2018, hay was the fourth most valuable crop in Washington state, with 1119,000 acres of land devoted to its production. While traditional methods of production are still common, high volume production increasingly relies on modern material handling practices. Electric forklifts are uniquely suited to moving large quantities of hay, as they are more dust-resistant than traditional IC forklifts.

Electric Forklifts for Farming


Apples, wheat, and potatoes are the three most valuable crops for Washington farmers. With products that are sensitive to emissions, electric forklifts help preserve product value. Coupled with multi-pallet attachments, some can help farmers and processors unload an entire 40-foot flatbed truck in one load. That increase in productivity and decrease in emissions helps get produce processed quickly and efficiently.

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