Forklift Maintenance

Protect your investment and service your forklift in regular intervals.

Behind On Forklift Fleet Maintenance?

If you have a large fleet, we can help you stay on top of your fleet's maintenance schedule so you don't fall behind.

A Forklift Technician Servicing a Forklift

Trouble Keeping Up With the Hoses?

Service your forklift now to prevent problems in the future. Whether you have one forklift or fifty, you can't afford to fall behind on your forklift maintenance.

You know a broken forklift halts productivity and puts your team at risk. That's why we prioritize keeping your forklift planned maintenance current. 

The cost of neglect.

If you push the limits of your forklift and don't take good care of it with regular service and maintenance, you could risk:

  • An unsafe work environment
  • Decreased productivity & performance
  • Hidden issues that become BIG problems
  • Reduction of operating efficiencies & forklift life

Protect your investment.

Your forklift is a workhorse. But it still needs regular maintenance. When you keep up with service requirements:

  • You keep your equipment and team safe
  • You prevent breakdowns
  • Fix minor issues before they become expensive repairs
  •  You can stay focused on your business goals

Which Forklift Service Do You Need?

Forklift problems happen, but we're here to keep you running smoothly. 

6 Weeks
250 Hour


Done at your location.

3 Months
500 Hour


If you skipped the 6 week service or gone past 250 hours. 

Done at your location. 

6 Months
1000 Hour


If you skipped the 3 month service or gone past 500 hours. 

Done at Midco's shop.

12 Months
2000 Hour


YEARLY SERVICE for preventing breakdowns and avoiding downtime.

Done at Midco's shop.

Doosan Forklifts

MidCo is a great company to partner with! Their field techs and shop consistently provide exceptional service, are quick to respond and are very helpful. I’ve never felt swindled or upcharged, all staff have been so friendly and professional, they are clearly very knowledgeable in their field.

Whether you have a one-time need or are looking for a long-term contract, I would recommend MidCo to anyone!

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Courtney Edmondson
Fleet Specialist & Asset Management

Midco Material Handling has been our #1 source for industrial forklifts. They are fast, efficient, reliable, and down-to-earth people who just get the job done!

True professionals who are willing to go the extra mile every time. Tammi and Ryan are the salt of the earth.


Northwest Equipment

Jordan Hibbard
Northwest Equipment Sales Inc.

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Request Toyota Forklift Service & Maintenance to Keep Moving

Protect your Toyota investment. Talk to an expert today to schedule service, ask questions, or learn more about our Toyota forklift planned maintenance plans and whether or not they fit into your needs and budget.

Complete the form, and let's talk. 

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