Madvac Mini Outdoor Litter Vacuums & Sweepers 

Remove Urban Litter From Curbs, Sidewalks, Fence Lines, Parks & Parking Lots

Keep Washington State Cities Clean and Green

Madvac Litter Vacuume LR50e-14

Outdoor litter solutions for:

  • Sidewalks, Curbs, and Alleys
  • Parking Lots
  • Parks and Grass
  • Bike and Pedestrian Lanes
  • Fence Lines
  • ICI (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) Ground Care

Madvac's high-performance sweepers are engineered for indoor and outdoor spaces. Effortless debris removal and dedication to Washington's green landscape make our machines ideal for town streets and parks.


Madvac vacuum systems are adept at removing both dry and liquid litter, transforming urban cleaning in Washington and bringing to life the vision of a spotless, health-conscious community.


Madvac's pressure washer gun on the LS175 and LS125 sweepers is an eco-friendly and low-water washing solution to uphold the beauty of Washington State's public spaces and recreational parks.

Urban Litter & Trash Removal Solutions

Madvac compact sweepers, vacuums, and washers remove unpleasant and harmful litter in cities to prevent pests, protect pets, avoid clogging, and preserve natural resources and infrastructure.

Madvac Compact Outdoor Litter Vacuum

Electric Litter Vacuums

Harness the power of quiet efficiency with our electric litter vacuums, perfect for maintaining the serenity of public spaces while tackling urban waste.

Madvac Compact Outdoor Litter Vacuum

Portable Trash Vacuums

Our portable trash vacuums offer the ultimate convenience, empowering your team to swiftly address litter hotspots anywhere in the city.

Madvac Compact Outdoor Litter Sweeper

Diesel Litter Sweepers

Built for endurance and power, our diesel litter sweepers make short work of urban debris, keeping bike lanes and sidewalks pristine throughout the day.

Madvac Litter Vacuum LN50 Electric All-Terrain

Electric All-Terrain Vacuums

Go green even on rough ground with our electric all-terrain vacuums, designed to deliver eco-friendly cleaning power across diverse landscapes.

Madvac Litter Vacuum LN50 Deisel All-Terrain

Diesel All-Terrain Vacuums

Tackle challenging terrain without compromise using our diesel all-terrain vacuums, robust machines that ensure a thorough clean in any environment.

Madvac Litter Vacuum LS125 Electric Mini

Compact Electric Mini Sweepers

Our compact electric mini sweepers bring together nimble maneuverability and eco-conscious technology, ideal for tight spaces and busy walkways.

Madvac LS175 Sweeper with Power Wash

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"Midco came and assessed our current struggles. While using a competitor’s equipment, we have faced a lack of support, design flaws, and lowered efficiency. Once we started working with Midco, we realized our productivity potential. With well over a million square feet to clean, having the right equipment and local support is invaluable. I’m proud to say, our facility is safer now because we’ve got a handle on the dirt and debris. Thanks, MidCo!"

Avi Kumar
Owner, Meridian Building Maintenance, LLC

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Madvac Litter Vacuum LR50 Diesel
Madvac Litter Vacuum LP61-G Portable
Madvac Litter Vacuum LR50 Diesel

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