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Forklift Batteries

Our material handling power solutions include traditional lead-acid, lithium-ion, and cost-effective rebuilt forklift batteries.

Power Your Warehouse

Boost your warehouse efficiency with our advanced forklift battery solutions, designed to enhance performance, reduce costs, and increase uptime.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Traditional lead-acid batteries offer cost-effective reliability and are perfect for warehouses seeking familiar, proven solutions.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Li-ion batteries charge quickly (rapid charging), providing consistent power and maximum performance with minimal maintenance. 

Rebuilt Batteries

Rebuilt industrial batteries and chargers deliver reliable performance and significant cost savings, making them an economical choice.

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Rebuilt Forklift Batteries & Chargers

Extend the life of your electric forklift with our rebuilt industrial batteries and chargers. These expertly refurbished solutions provide the same reliable performance as new units but at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for businesses aiming to boost efficiency without overspending, our rebuilt batteries and chargers undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and reliability. Rebuilt batteries and chargers provide high-quality, reliable power and cost significantly less.

MidCo Power's Rebuilt Forklift Batteries Save You Time and Money

Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries

Fast-charging, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries supercharge productivity. You don't have to water lithium-ion batteries and they can be opportunity-charged throughout the day — no more swapping batteries between shifts! Toyota's lithium-ion and Hangcha's Universal Lithium Battery Supply (ULBS) solutions deliver consistent power throughout the day (or night), even in cold conditions.

Universal Lithium Battery Supply (ULBS) Forklift Batteries

Lead-Acid Forklift Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are familiar, dependable, and easy to integrate. They're ideal for single-shift operations or any businesses seeking a balance of affordability and performance. Lead-acid batteries have a lower initial cost than lithium-ion batteries and provide reliable power for a wide range of applications.

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Rebuilt Industrial Batteries & Chargers 

MidCo Power (originally B&B Electric Motors) has been repairing batteries and rebuilding electric forklift chargers since 1985. We have the know-how and the infrastructure to solve your problem within hours

Fast. Cost-effective. Hassle-free. Guaranteed.

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How to Save Time and Money with Reliable Rebuilt Forklift Batteries & Chargers

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