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Burden Carriers, Haulers, Stock Chasers, Personnel Carriers, Tow Tractors

Sometimes, you need to move large volumes of people and products around your facility. When a forklift won’t get the job done, personnel carriers, burden carriers, haulers, and other utility vehicles deliver the versatile performance you need. With many options available to help customize your configuration, the right utility vehicle will give you the mobility you need. Key utility vehicle types include:

Utility Vehicle

Burden Carriers / Haulers

Burden Carriers have the capacity to haul thousands of pounds in a small vehicle footprint. Haulers are perfect for moving maintenance teams and specialized supplies throughout your facility.

Burden Carrier Hauler

Stock Chasers

These highly maneuverable one-person vehicles allow workers to move quickly throughout your warehouse. A cargo deck in front of the operator’s space allows them to store picked products, and an integrated ladder gives access to shelves.

Stock Chaser

Personnel Carriers

Moving people through facilities for tours and executive surveys is easier with personnel carriers. Whether you’re transporting two people or a group of thirty, the right product will help with tours, security, and more.

Personal Carrier

Tow Tractors

Moving large amounts of materials and products through warehouse and manufacturing facilities requires specialized equipment. Tow tractors can haul many carts safely and efficiently to different locations on your shop floor.

Tow Tractor

Warehouse Utility Vehicle Brands


Taylor-Dunn is a world leader in utility vehicles for commercial and industrial applications. Featuring options for personnel movement, towing, and picking, their versatile options will help your operation move its people and products quickly and efficiently.

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