Why Does My Warehouse Need A Cleaning Plan?

by Dan Elliott, on August 5, 2022 at 7:15 AM

Why Does My Warehouse Need A Cleaning Plan?
When it comes to warehouses, cleaning is essential. But if you don’t have a cleaning plan in place, there’s no way to make sure things get and stay tidy. Putting a plan and checklists in place will help keep your warehouse up to standards. Here’s why you need an effective cleaning plan in place for your warehouse.

Why Warehouse Cleaning Matters

Keeping your warehouse clean isn’t just about making it look nice. Cleaning helps keep workers productive, efficient, and safe. In addition, warehouse cleaning protects your forklifts and other equipment. It also maintains the value of your products. Altogether, warehouse cleaning protects every aspect of your business, from your people to your bottom line. 

Improved Safety

A clean warehouse is a safe warehouse. Slips, trips, and falls are the top cause of warehouse worker injuries in the US. Dirt, dust, and debris can cause injuries. The right cleaning plan and equipment will reduce risks for your pedestrian workers. Broken pallets and other rubbish can damage forklifts. Impacts with debris can even lead to spilled pallets from forklifts. That spillage can put your people in danger of harm. You can protect your people and equipment by creating and following a solid cleaning plan that keeps paths and floors free and clear.

PowerBoss Warehouse Sweeper Scrubber
Floor cleaning became even more critical in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovative floor cleaners can help sanitize your spaces of the novel coronavirus and other microbes that cause illnesses. While many companies experienced temporary closures due to outbreaks in the staff, yours doesn’t have to. Including disinfecting in your cleaning plan is essential to protect your workers and your business.  

Increased Productivity

As warehouse leaders know, efficiency is the name of the game. Increasing throughout and moving more products is key for your job performance. The right cleaning plan will help. Whether you are removing broken or damaged pallets sooner or reducing obstacles for forklift operators, keeping your aisles tidy is key for productivity. This goal extends to your warehouse racking, too; debris and mess can obscure products and make it challenging for operators. Make sure all your spaces are clean and effective so your team can be at their best.  

Protect Profitability

The goal of any business is to turn a profit. Warehouses have to be clean and efficient to remain profitable. Cleaning protects your products that drive profits and your equipment and employees that can reduce your profit margins. By committing time and funds to your warehouse’s upkeep, you’re able to avoid losses due to damaged products, injured employees, and extra equipment downtime. All aspects of your business win when you commit to an effective cleaning plan. 

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Whether you’re looking for industrial cleaning equipment or you need a partner to consult on your warehouse cleaning plan, Mid-Columbia Forklift and MidCo Material Handling have the stock, supplies, and expertise you need. Contact us here to get the conversation started. You can also reach out directly to our dealerships by phone:

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