5 Unconventional Ways to Use a Forklift

by Dan Bergman, on May 1, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Blog Image - 5 Unconventional Ways to Use a Forklift
Think forklifts are just for moving product? Think again. Here are five strange but true stories of people using forklifts in unusual ways, including:
  • Preventing a Crime
  • Committing a Crime
  • Saving a Life
  • Participating in a Rodeo
  • Playing Basketball

5 Unusual Things You Can Do with a Forklift

Our first story happened here in the Pacific Northwest. On a cold January evening in Portland, OR, someone used a forklift to steal a Wells Fargo ATM.

This illegal activity is, unfortunately, not uncommon. It also happened last year in Chehalis, WA. Police believe the thieves stole a forklift from a nearby construction site.

What we need is a team of crime-stopping forklift operators to prevent these criminals from getting away. Check out this video: 

Our third story of using a forklift in an unusual way also involves heroic forklift operators. Two lumber workers were transporting a forklift on a flatbed truck when they encountered a serious traffic accident. The employees used the forklift to free one of the crash victims from a burning car.

Our last two examples of unconventional ways to use a forklift are on the lighter side. First up, Franklin Building Supply's annual forklift rodeo:

Our fifth and final example is two minutes of sweet trick shots. Even if you're not a basketball fan, you have to see this. 

At Mid Columbia Forklift and MidCo Material Handling, we can’t help you improve your hoop skills or solve crimes, but we have many forklifts for sale in Washington state and we offer OSHA forklift training. However you choose to use your forklift (or other material handling equipment) we can help save you money on maintenance and repairs.

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