Most Commonly Replaced Forklift Parts

by Trey Barber, on December 13, 2019 at 8:00 AM

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Forklifts are complex pieces of equipment that require specialized upkeep. Over the course of its useful lifespan, a forklift will require many replacement parts to maintain its effective function. While there are some differences between IC-powered and electric forklift parts, knowing the most commonly replaced parts is essential for maintaining your stock of parts on hand for common maintenance challenges.


A forklift’s forks experience heavy stress day-in and day-out. While they are constructed of heavy-duty materials, forks will still wear out over time. Poorly maintained forks can contribute to increased risks of dropped loads, which can seriously injure or in some cases, cause fatalities in their vicinity. Replacing forks before they experience this extreme wear and tear is key for maintaining safety and preventing tragedies. Read more about when to replace forklift forks.


A forklift’s brakes face the daunting task of stopping thousands of pounds of heavy materials over a short distance. While your forklifts’ brakes shouldn’t wear out too frequently (if so, your operators will likely need to be re-certified to ensure safe and effective operation), they will require regular replacement to ensure safe operation of your fleet.

Masts & Chains

A forklift’s mast and its accompanying chains experience heavy demands over the course of a shift. Due to the stress from lifting and holding such heavy weights, these components of a forklift must be replaced regularly to maintain safety and efficiency in operation.

Oil & Air Filters

Your oil and air filters protect your forklift’s engine from avoidable damage. Both should be changed at OEM recommended intervals to maintain maximum efficiency. If you find that your air filters need to be replaced at high rates, consider investing in solutions to improve the cleanliness of your workspace - your equipment and your operators will thank you.


A forklift’s tires are crucial for operator comfort and safe operation of the forklift. Damage to their integrity can put operator health, workspace safety, fuel efficiency, and productivity at risk. Tires that show signs of damage like chunking, tearing, or balding must be replaced to ensure compliance with OSHA standards. Unsure if your tires need changed? Check out our helpful guide for more information 

Like all powered equipment, forklifts require routine maintenance and parts replacement at regular intervals. Many companies find outsourcing their maintenance plans creates more value for their company. At MidCo forklift, we offer several full-service maintenance plans to meet our customers’ needs. Contact us to learn how we can keep your forklift fleet working harder, longer.

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