Signs It’s Time to Change Your Forklift Tires

by Dave Jensen, on December 9, 2019 at 7:20 PM

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Forklift Tires

Forklift tires are one of the most crucial components for safe operation and working forklift performance. Because forklifts do not utilize a suspension like those found in automobiles, a forklift tire must bear the full weight of the equipment and any load that it is carrying. This means incredible amounts of weight and stress are exerted on the tires as well as challenges from the terrain it is operated on.

Ensuring your forklift tires are well-maintained is key for sustained performance, operator comfort, and safety. While there are some key differences between cushion and pneumatic tires, the most common warning signs apply across tire types. Learn the signs it’s time to change your forklift tires:

Wear Line

Forklift tires include a wear line that should be easily located above the tire size. If the top of the tire meets the line then you’ve worn your tires down by 50% and it’s time for them to be replaced.


If pieces of your tires are breaking off from the body, it’s time to change out to new tires. Tires missing chunks can be a threat to safe operation and can cause serious discomfort due to the rough ride.


Tears in your tire surface are a surefire sign that it’s time to replace them. This damage can be caused by debris that the forklift has run over - maintaining a clean workspace is key for better tire maintenance.

Bond Failure

Cushion tires are constructed by bonding the rubber of the tire to the central metal band. If wear and tear near the band is bad enough that you can fit a screwdriver head or knife between the tire and band then it’s definitely time for a replacement.

Radial Cracking

This damage can occur in both solid pneumatic and cushion tires. Overloaded forklifts can experience radial cracks in the tires due to heat building up from the load. Not only is this a sign for tire replacement, but it’s also likely time to retrain your operators on reading a data plate.

Flat Spots

Flat spots on your round forklift tires can occur due aggressive braking or braking at high speeds. Not only should you replace these tires, but you should also train your staff on safe operation at reasonable speeds.

A properly maintained forklift with new tires doesn’t just offer a smoother and safer ride for operators - new tires contribute to improved fuel efficiency and more accurate operation. Midco Forklift provides a full lineup of maintenance services to keep your equipment running well and safely. Trust our professional staff of certified forklift maintenance technicians to keep your fleet running in top condition.

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