4 More Tips For Loading Dock Safety

by Phil Handford, on November 26, 2021 at 10:46 AM

Loading Dock Safety TipsFor warehouse safety managers, reducing risk is the name of the game. Unfortunately, loading docks remain one of the highest-risk areas for your workers. While you can’t eliminate risks, you can reduce them by following these simple, actionable tips.

Maintain Your Dock Levelers

Your dock levelers are one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your warehouse. If they are not maintained properly, they could fail and put your workers at risk. Both mechanical and hydraulic pieces require planned maintenance to ensure they are working correctly and maintaining stability. You should also keep your levelers free of debris and dirt or dust build-up that could affect their performance. Finally, dock levelers have a rated capacity just like forklifts do. Make sure that you do not overload your dock levelers, which can cause avoidable damage. 

Visible Safety Barriers

Open loading docks are a significant risk for your workers - a fall from even a 44-inch height can cause sprains and broken bones. While we’ve written about loading dock safety before, you can reduce worker risks with simple barriers and high-visibility markings. Warehouse equipment extends to barriers and guardrails, as well as bright yellow markings on the floor. Even warning strobes in dock areas can help alert workers to the potential risks. 

Weatherproof Your Dock

Managing your work environment is essential in loading docks. If your docks are not properly weatherproofed, you can expose your workers and equipment to increased risks of slips, trips, and falls. Installing dock seals, shelters, and overhangs can reduce impacts from inclement weather and keep your people, equipment, and products safer.

Build a Culture of Safety

Finally, building a culture of safety in your warehouse is essential for keeping all areas safer. This goes beyond your training and certification program and into how you lead your workers and the expectations you set. Establish safety as a core company value is vital to keep your areas safer thanks to better worker behaviors. 

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