The Best Taylor-Dunn Vehicles for Warehouses and Manufacturing

by Dan Bergman, on August 7, 2020 at 3:15 PM

The Best Taylor-Dunn Vehicles for Warehouses and ManufacturingUsing a forklift to move material from one end of your facility to another is like using a helicopter to run errands. It gets the job done, sure, but it’s a waste of money to use expensive equipment and an over-qualified operator to complete a simple task.

Using a regular truck or van to transport staff around your facility? The same logic applies. An electric personnel carrier or utility vehicle can do the same job, and you'll save money on gas, maintenance, licensing and insurance.

Industrial electric carts, such as tow tractors and personnel carriers, reduce expenses without lowering productivity. That's why they're so popular with manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Washington. Here are some of the most popular models:

Warehouse Utility Vehicles and Electric Carts


Lowering overhead without sacrificing productivity is the key to success in competitive industries like manufacturing and distribution. Electric utility vehicles allow you to improve both.

Order Picking and Line Feed Solutions
- If your staff currently use roller carts and step ladders to pull orders, you’ll be amazed how a Taylor-Dunn stockchaser will significantly boost picking productivity.
- A stockchaser towing one or more industrial carts allow a single employee to supply multiple production line stations in one run. For heavier loads (1,000+ lbs), use a tow tractor such as Taylor-Dunn’s C-425 and TT-316AC.


Personnel Transportation
Transport staff, supervisors or service techs across large facilities - without sacrificing comfort. Taylor-Dunn passenger trams and utility carts can be built with an enclosed cab, heat and A/C, and come with phone charging ports. The R-380 can transport two people at speeds up to 15 mph and has a 35-mile range.

You can also move large groups, up to 30 people, by combining a passenger tram with a 9 or 12 passenger trailer. The top speed for this configuration is 11 mph.

The Best Equipment for the Job
Optimize your vehicle with a ladder rack, lockable cargo box, tool chests, etc. Taylor-Dunn has dozens of job-specific vehicles and add-ons to ensure you always get the right vehicle for the job. Choose the infinitely customizable Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot, or a purpose-built MX-600 or MX-1600 maintenance vehicle

Electric utility carts, such as burden carriers, stockchasers and tow tractors, are an inexpensive way to move items horizontally across your facility. Bonus: unlike a forklift, any staff member can use an electric cart (no OSHA license required).

Whether you need to move product, people, or both at the same time, Taylor-Dunn electric utility vehicles are a cost-effective alternative to gas-powered vehicles and human-powered picking. Taylor-Dunn vehicles are:

  • Easy to operate - no license or special training required
  • Competitively-priced
  • Designed for years of reliable operation
  • Simple to maintain
  • Quiet and fume-free

Taylor Dunn Vehicles for Sale in Greater Seattle, Yakima and the Tri-Cities

Reduce overhead and improve your bottom line by using Taylor-Dunn electric carts for personnel transportation and horizontal material flow. Mid Columbia Forklift and MidCo Material Handling carries a full range of electric carts including:

  • Burden carriers and trailers
  • Personnel carriers, trams and trailers
  • Stockchasers
  • Tow tractors and trailers
  • Electric utility vehicles

Let us know what questions you have. We love helping customers solve problems and save money.

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